Your home will be more lovely with this extraordinary home garden ideas

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Your home will be more lovely with this extraordinary home garden ideas

Dec 25, 2019 Blogs by jolie

Nothing tastes better than a custom made thing. The same applies to your home garden, you have all the energy to customize how it looks, be it a flower and lawn garden or a fresh food garden. Having your food come fresh out of your garden saves you on that extra expense, not to mention the satisfying feeling of chilling out with family and friends in a lawn you created from scratch. These are the reasons which bring me to share my experience in the best home garden ideas that shall make your garden professional and exciting.

Wall hanging gardens

Ever thought of converting the walls surrounding your backyard into an amazing garden? If no, then this is something you got to try out. My friend has been on a race of making the longest hanging gardens in the world with great success! 

So, how do you do it? You just need to buy small plant pots, they can readily come with flowers or not. After this, prepare your wall by installing horizontal bar panels which shall hold your pots. You can also think of planting a climbing flowering plant species that shall climb and cover your wall green. With some light creative trimming, your wall shall look like nature! However, note that this shall call for continued training and maintenance. You can spend some of your time out trimming or training the plant to get rid of fatigue or stress.

Wall hanging gardens
Wall hanging gardens

Alternatively, you can use strings that are fixed on top of the wall then tie the crop pots in vertical intervals to the bottom, make multiple lines of this pattern across your wall. Be more creative by creating patterns from the placements of your pots. You can, for example, make a shape out of the pot patterns. You can grow vegetables or flowers according to your needs.

Think of adding a small greenhouse to your backyard

Other than a clean beautifully trimmed lawn, your backyard can produce fresh vegetables and spices for your meals. The wall in your backyard gives a sudden feeling of captivity, you feel enclosed within the walls. Why not consider erecting a tall small greenhouse to cover part of the wall, it shall help you grow your greens and spices while also alleviating the feeling of captivity.

adding a small greenhouse to your backyard
Adding a small greenhouse to your backyard

Plan on creating a green shade with white outdoor furniture

Sometimes the house shade might be boring to stay under. When struggling with this, think of having a climbing and heavy branched plant species that you shall train to cover a metal or wood skeleton sketch of a shade. Make sure the plant covers the skeleton wholly so that the only thing you see is the green leaves or beautifully colored flowers.

creating a green shade with white outdoor furniture
Creating a green shade with white outdoor furniture

Now, go for simple looking outdoor furniture, preferably seats that shall go strategically under your created shade. Place your shade against the fence, so that it offers a distraction from the wall. It shall tell your mind that there is more behind the shade than a plain enclosing wall.

Your kiddies need to enjoy your gardening idea

To benefit your kids, you should include a small space with a clean lawn and small furniture that blends with the terrain and look of your garden. You can choose a space in the middle of your garden where you shall erect a small playhouse.

kiddies need to enjoy your gardening idea
Kiddies need to enjoy your gardening idea

All your kids playing utilities shall go into the playhouse, it becomes simple to access and keep them this way. Ensure you color the playhouse to match the environment of your garden.

“Extend” your garden with mirror panels

If you’re gardening in limited space, then consider including strategically placed mirror panels that shall reflect your garden and therefore “double” it up, at least for the eyes. Go for longer sheets of mirrors and place them against your wall so that when someone looks at then, they see an extended garden. Consider adding life into the mirror by employing the idea of the hanging garden.

“Extend” your garden with mirror panels

Fix a garden bench to the corners of your garden

Garden corners with walls are hard to make appealing to the eye. Go for a clean modern garden bench that fits into your garden corners, make a uniform lawn in front of the bench. You can include some tall grass and flower varieties of your taste behind the bench. This shall help by distracting your view of the wall fence.

Fix a garden bench to the corners of your garden

What are some of the advantages that come with an ideal garden?

A home garden relieves stress

A small home garden calls for tending needs. When feeling stressed, you can relieve yourself through tending for the flowers or plants in your home garden. Sometimes, retracting to your home garden space gives you, your family and friends a feeling of comfort and relief.

Saves you some bucks

If you take advantage of your backyard space to grow veggies or spices, then you forget the hustle of having to go to the grocery and still the cash you would have spent there. 

A home garden offers a chance for exercising that brings the family together

Your family shall have a happy time of physical activity that bonds them together. During a collective family garden tending activity, the family shall have its members engaged and feeling happy and talkative. This is worth everything in the world!


Are you inspired by the above home garden ideas? Then you should get to work and create a breathtaking garden that shall keep you busy, relieve your stress and cater to the chilling out needs of your family and friends.