Top 5 Benefits to Grow Sunflower Garden at Your Home

Benefits to Grow Sunflower Garden

Top 5 Benefits to Grow Sunflower Garden at Your Home

Aug 25, 2021 DIY Garden by admin

To grow a sunflower garden at your home is one of the best ideas to landscape a yard, but did you know that there are many health and other benefits too?

Sunflowers are not only beautiful, but they also offer a wealth of benefits to your garden. They are easy to grow and the seeds of sunflower are edible which is good for health.

Let’s understand in detail: 

5 Benefits to grow Sunflowers Garden at your home you need to know:

1. Attract Birds for pollinator

The showy large outer petals of sunflowers, particularly the giant bronze or mammoth sunflower, help attract many species of birds to your sunflowers. They also help attract honey bees and bumblebees as well.

Some birds find the sunflower’s large tubular petals to be quite attractive and continue to feed on these rather than on the smaller outer petals of the flower. Hence, because of the Sunflower garden at your home, you will be able to see many birds.

2. Edible Sunflower Seeds

To top it all off, sunflower seeds are a complete protein, providing everyone on your list of nutrients vital for optimal health with a good mix of filling proteins from plant sources. They also taste great and can be used to add flavor and texture to nearly any meal. With all these benefits to offer, just one single word: delicious! 

Sunflowers have been used for hundreds of years to treat various ailments. Today the health benefits of sunflower seeds are even greater as a foods supplement as they are found in so many cereals, smoothies, sauces, Canadian fish, and even shampoo! Simply put, sunflower seeds fresh from your home are good for you!

3. Improves Soil Health

Sunflowers help keep the soil in good condition. When your plants die, they release soil into the air. The more sun the plants receive the more nutrients are delivered to the growing tips. Without sunlight, many plants become stunted and spindly. But, sunflowers provide the right conditions for plants to develop properly into tall robust trees, or even shrubs and herbs.

Sunflowers help stop soil from blowing away from the roots when planting. They help keep the soil moist until it is heavy enough to prop up the plant. They also keep weeds away from your plants by providing a waterproof surface for them to climb upon. 

4. Act as a Companion plant

Plant Sunflower as a companion plant in the garden to improve the flavor of food. Sunflower’s garden provides valuable pollen for bees, which in turn pollinate essential crops. The little companion plants will also absorb excess water that passes through them and spread it throughout the garden, thereby keeping it healthier. Wait until late summer or early fall for the best results.

Sunflowers are ideal companions for all sorts of garden plants, including annuals and those coniferous types that gain a lot of moisture from the soil. When it comes to companion planting, the sunflowers provide the best results.

5. Used as a Cooking Oil

Sunflower oil has been used for thousands of years as cooking oil. Sunflower seed essential oil is excellent all-purpose cooking oil. Sunflower seed essential oil is truly versatile; it can be used to lightly dress wounds, sunburns, or sunlamps. It has a mild herbal scent.

The nutritious oil can be used in place of butter when cooking meat or fish or used as a substitute for vegetable oil when cooking bread. The refining process removes much of the omega-9 fatty acids that cause inflammation in the body and prevents them from reaching our arteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we grow sunflowers in small spaces?

Sunflowers can be grown in small containers but it depends on how well the water is filtered and how much sunlight the container receives. The container should have airflow through holes so that excess water doesn’t pool on the soil surface and the size of the container must be 6 inches. 

Is eating sunflower seeds has side effects on health? 

 That being said, eating too many sunflower seeds can have several negative side effects, so moderation is key. Some research shows that daily sunflower seed consumption may lower your total number of white blood cells and make you more susceptible to infection.

Which are better seeds to eat Sunflower or pumpkin?

In general, pumpkin seeds are considered waist-friendly since they’re low in calories but high in protein. Sunflower seeds, on the other hand, contain more calories but less fiber – the body’s natural source of fiber. 

Can sunflower be planted with the herb as a companion?

Yes, they go well when planted with herbs namely Lavender, chives, Garlic, Basil, and Rosemary.

Which birds are highly attracted to sunflowers?

Sunflower plants act as the best pollinators to attract birds. To name a few Juncos, jays, grosbeaks, goldfinches, and Cardinals are highly attracted to the beauty of a sunflower


Sunflower gardens are beautiful additions to any home. They provide antioxidants and vitamins to the soil, pulling moisture away from plants while healing tired eyes and easing stress.

We are hopeful with the help of this guide you have learned the benefits of growing sunflower at your home. So, what are you waiting for? Start growing sunflower at your home if you have not started yet.