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Permablitz is not any one person – it is a diverse network of people helping people, one backyard at a time.

There are however, a core group of volunteers who collaborate on creating the designs, organizing blitzes, and managing all the variables that go into pulling off a successful and engaging permablitz:

10155579_10152469807906995_4851055466302817907_nMatthew Lynch, Co-founder of Permablitz HI.

 Matthew Lynch is a Kaneohe boy who spent his high school years growing up in Melbourne, Australia.  At age 19, he moved back to the islands determined to travel the world; he wound up working for the bank in order to learn about money.  By age 29, he made a small fortune in Hawaii real estate; by age 31, he managed to lose it all.  Matt spent the next two years wandering the planet, in search of people, places, and projects working to make our world a better place.  His work in Regenerative Agriculture, Regenerative Business, and Sustainable Economic Development has taken him (so far) to Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, Germany, and now back to Hawaii.  In January 2011, Matt founded The Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design.


Hunter Heavilin, Co-founder of Permablitz HI.
Raised in the Hawaiian Islands, Hunter Heaivilin is an island hopper. He has spent the past few years bouncing between the Hawaiian Islands and Haiti teaching and consulting on projects running the gamut from disaster response ecological sanitation to homeless shelter garden design. He holds degrees in Agroforestry and Sustainable Community Development, and has a focus on small island developing states and the application of Permaculture to disaster risk reduction and response. He is the lead designer of Pono Permaculture, a Hawaii-based Permaculture consultancy and planning team, and is currently consulting with the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools’  Grow Hawaii school sustainability program.


Allen Fanning, Coordinator of Permablitz HI.12823483_10207708876296584_5448182674360387712_o
Raised on the Island of Oahu, is a Licensed massage therapist in Hawaii since 2000.  In 2004 he shifted his path of service and got his Permaculture Design Certificate at Laakea Gardens on the Big Island, and has been growing his awareness of permaculture design, and green building/ living practices since. A jack-of-all-trades, his diverse experience include: an Organic tree nursery in the Back of Palolo, a permaculture pilot project in Waimanalo, a Kalo, tropical flower, and fruit farms in Kahaluu and Waiahole, and has also been an occasional independent contractor for Pono PermacultureHe has built a log home in Washington state for his parents retirement, from clearing, to grading, to the foundation, to log peeling to stacking, to milling lumber on site, to roofing, to wiring, to plumbing, to milling/ installing flooring, to interior framing, and finish work. He has also helped friends in green endeavors locally, from building utilizing re-used materials to solar electric installation. Allen’s desire to be of service to humanity is most fully  expressed in his work with the PermablitzHI, and in his role as one of the organizers for Transition Oahu – a grassroots community organization working on building increasingly sustainable and resilient community’s. Catalyzed by the awareness of peak oil, climate change, and global financial crises, Transition Oahu is part of the larger global transition town movement:


 175750_10100948064038913_155648_oDrew Wilkinson, Growing Together.
Drew Wilkinson grew up in Florida immersed in nature doing activies like surfing, canoeing, and fishing. He graduated Florida State University with a Biological/Earth Science Education degree and then went on to teach high school Environmental Science for 2 years. He’s more of an outdoor education type of guy and has worked for several summer camps teaching environmental education and volunteer programs throughout the South East. He currently lives on the North Shore of Oahu where he leads Eco-Kayak tours and follows his passion for a healthy lifestyle through gardening, yoga, and surfing. During the summer of 2012, he put together a 9 week gardening workshop with the mission of teaching basic gardening skills, building community relationships over local food, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. He created the group “Growing Together,” which is still active today. Drew has continued to organize and plan volunteer backyard garden workdays and share/trade gatherings. He completed his Permaculture Design course in August 2012 and now has a fiery passion to apply his teaching skills wholeheartedly into spreading Permaculture to the world.

 Paul Izak, Yogarden, Coordinator of FarmBlitz, a sister program of Permablitz HI.paulizak
Kailua born and raised, Paul Izak put in time at a local landscaping company called Pua Lani after graduating from Kalaheo High School.  His passion for living in harmony with the land is perhaps best expressed in the Kaneohe family home, whose suburban landscape he has transformed into an edible wonderland overflowing with fruits and vegetables of all kine.  Paul is also the founder of Yogarden Hawaii. Yogarden’s mission is to educate the community in the importance of growing your own food and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Through the principles of yoga philosophy and organic farming techniques, we set a solid foundation for the growth of a conscious community. Yogarden Farm is located in the back roads of Waimanalo, HI.  Yogarden is currently farming about one acre of organically grown produce, which is sold every Sunday at the KailuaTown Farmers Market.  


Rafael Bergstrom, Surfrider Foundation – Oahu Chapter.

Rafael is the chapter’s first coordinator and comes to Surfrider O‘ahu after completing his Masters Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. He grew up hiking and playing outdoors in Oregon, Arizona, and California surrounded by family with a deep environmental ethic. After finishing his undergraduate at UC San Diego, Rafael played various levels of professional baseball in Germany, Australia, Israel, and the East Coast USA. Grateful to now call O‘ahu home, Rafael is dedicated to helping create a sustainable future for these beautiful islands and uses his passion for the art of photography to share the beauty and intricacies of this world with others.


Other Active Members of the Permablitz HI Hui:


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