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Palolo PermablitzHI#16

PermablitzHI#16 goes down this Saturday July 20 in Palolo!

Work Summary:

There will be 4 primary areas –

1)   Maggies Garden Bed – alongside garage facing west. Garden area will be extended by a foot or so from existing space on SW corner and then indented a foot or so on W face to accommodate for reaching capacity. Either existing border will be used or new one created. Replace existing papaya trees w/ UH Low-bearing variety ($25 from Ko’olau Farmers)

2)   Ka’imi’s Keyhole Garden – will be in middle of yard between Ka’imi’s tent and the house on E/W line more or less. Will be a keyhole design using onsite rocks for borders, sheet mulching for groundwork (need to flag pop-up sprinklers here), and used primarily as a “greens” bed.

Palolo Blitz Jul 20 copy3

3)   Scott’s Herb Garden – will be located on the porch near the kitchen and be made up of planter pots that are already onsite and tentatively a design using rebar and clay pots. (As many as can fit and is agreed on by household)

4)   Guerilla Orchard – will be on land immediately adjacent to and above rental property.  Intention is to plant fruit trees & pigeon pea nurse crop, may need to do some weedwacking and clearing. Note: area above property has asphalt beneath the soil surface (will need o’o bars).

Palolo Blitz Jul 20 copy

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