How to Reuse The Old Car Tires for Garden Décor

reuse car tires for garden decoration

How to Reuse The Old Car Tires for Garden Décor

Jan 17, 2020 DIY Garden by jolie

If you are a car owner, you must have faced the dilemma of where to put your used car tires. Chances are you have had changed the tires multiple times, leaving you with tires you don’t know what to do with. 

Burning the tires in yards is a long-forgotten thing. Not only did it harm the environment but also emitted harmful chemicals that were injurious to health. If you can’t find a recycling factory or a facility near you that can recycle your car tire for you, then you should try these DIY projects to give your tires a second life. 

According to the research, tires slowly leach chemicals that are toxic to the surrounding environment. Hence, avoid using your car tires into something that is edible like plants. Other applications should be okay as long as they aren’t touched too much.

 Tire Stools and Table

Tires have been known to make a perfect sturdy table. These are small and take less of your space and can be fitted into the corner of your patio. However, not every tire can be made into a stool. You will need tires that are bigger in size. If you are looking for a style that is shabby chic, then choose a burlap cloth which has a vintage logo and a colorful design. It will be sturdy under but soft. You won’t even believe you’re sitting on tires that are stacked.

Tires stools and Table

Tire Garden

You can grow plants that are not edible in tires. For this choose colors that are bold and stack your tires into an attractive way. Moreover, paint your tires before stacking so you don’t have any spots left. Stack your tires in a way that the plants are exposed from a side angle. This will look really attractive and amazing to look at.

Tires garden

Hanging plants on tires

It is not really important to paint your tires for this DIY project. You should only if the color doesn’t blend in with the fence. When hung, the tire space at the bottom is the perfect space for adding flowers and trailing vines to get a cascading effect.

Hanging plants on tires

Building a Tower with Tires

If you have car tires that are of different sizes, you can stack them up like a tower. You can even use the same size tires to create a pillar. At the top of the tire, put a plant or plant a bushy fern. Make sure your tires match the color pallet so they look more attractive.

Tires used in playground

Do you have kids? If you do then this DIY project is perfect for you! Kids are always the right fit for tires. You just have to paint them in bright colors so kids get attracted to them. Moreover, use a rope that is sturdy or bands to attach tires to the hammocks. Your kids will honestly this idea. 

Tires used in playground

Use tires as stairs

Got your car tires changed too often now and got a whole stack of them? Use them as stairs! 

Line up your old tires to make a path that you won’t have to worry about during heavy rain or storm. These won’t wash away. However, you will have to bury your tires deep so they won’t budge that easily. This is a cheap and an easy way to create a path that is safe to go down from on your property.

Use tires as stairs

Golden Fountain of Tires

Who would have thought you can even make a fountain out of a tire? But yet here we are with this DIY project.

This will require cutting tools and time so be careful that you are using the right tools for the job. You will have to extend on the rim of each tire after cutting it into a petal-like formation. Then paint the pieces and stack them on one another. There is nothing more calming then the water sounds in your backyard that makes you feel relaxed.

Garden Ornaments

With a few extra tools, you can make your backyard full of tire ornaments. Like you can design one to replicate a teacup! Stack tires on top of one another and paints them in bold colors. Put up a plant in between those tires so it doesn’t look empty and make sure you add a saucer underneath it. This way you can carry out other tasks and make your garden full of ornaments

Now that we have discussed what you can do with car tires that are of no use to you anymore, explore more options and see how you can make the best use of your tire without costing you another penny and adding to the beauty of your home.