Permablitz Hi

Hawaii's Edible Revolution

How do I get my place Blitzed?

PermablitzHI operates on 3 guiding principles:

  1. Permaculture design.  Permaculture works with what the land offers, to create a functional, diverse & resilient system in which each plant performs a function (or functions) that supports another plant, or element (such as the household).  The PermablitzHI hui of permaculture designers will collaborate with you to create a design for your home which maximizes your garden’s productivity & functionality.
  2. Reciprocity.  PermablitzHI is a reciprocal network: the more you give, the more you get out of it.  Wanna have your place blitzed?  Then come along & help at least 3 other households install edible landscapes into their lives, learn-by-doing, and get a feel for what is possible at your own home.
  3. Community.  Once upon a time, everyone helped each other to grow our own food, living in harmony with the land in Hawaii.  We are working towards a time when neighbors once again help neighbors to grow their own food, in their own backyards, and trade produce, recipies, and stories over the fence.

Wanna blitz your own yard and don’t have the time to come out & volunteer at 3 events?  Why not get a bunch of friends together, dream up an edible landscape design for your place, and spend a day or two working the land together… it’s easy, just check out what Mikey & friends did in Mililani.

Photo: Mikey’s Mililani backyard blitz in progress…