Do you get trouble when gardening? Why don’t use these tools?

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Do you get trouble when gardening? Why don’t use these tools?

Dec 30, 2019 Blogs by jolie

It’s often said that maintaining a garden at some level connects you to nature. Some people are extremely passionate about gardening and take it quite seriously by spending hours digging soil and planting new seeds. As joyful as it may seem, maintaining a garden can be a tedious job. However, if you have just the right tools in store, the exhausting procedure can become painless. In case you are seeking for tools like these, this can prove to be a perfect stopover. 

When we talk about gardening tools, there’s an assortment that differs according to particular requirements. In case you have a small garden area or are planning to revamp it into a landscape, there are few tools that would prove extremely helpful.  

  • Japanese Hori Hori- Ideal Garden Knife

There are numerous garden knives available in the market but the most sought after and proven to be the best is Japanese Hori Hori. Aspects that make this a good splurge is its durability and 6.5 inches stainless steel blade that makes working with soil effortless. Another feature that adds feather to its cap is its versatility that makes uprooting the toughest of weeds amazingly efficient.

Japanese Hori Hori

Often used for hunting and fishing, the concave shape of the blade makes it functional for easy planting, segregating the flowers and transferring small plants. The blade comes with vinyl plastic sheath along with a belt loop, a robust wooden handle, and dimensions mentioned on the knife that further assist users to track the depth of soil.

  • Steel Fan Rake

Professional gardeners have been quoted saying that the steel fan rake is the perfect size for clearing out places that cover firm flower beds or dense bushes where the usual sized rakes are way too large and burdensome. There are rakes available in the market that are compact in size measuring up to five inches in width and easily go underneath the bushes within firm garden rows. Designed with supple fan-shaped tines, the rake gets hold of a good amount of debris without any damage to vulnerable plants. Another feature that makes it the most sought after the tool is its comfortable and molded grip handle making it hold and work with the tool very easy. Not just this, the powder-coat finish does not attract rust and comes with the warranty.    

  • Gloves

Quite underrated but highly significant in the garden is a pair of glove highly essential for avid gardeners who would not wish for thorns and splinters tear down their hands. There are good quality gloves available in the market and are sturdy, not bulky and particularly useful when working with seeds or transferring seedlings. These quality gloves are water-resistant along with being breathable helping keep your hands cool and comfortable. Another significant aspect of opting for the high quality gloves is that it safeguards your wrists and forearms from getting scratched and avoiding any soil slip in. There are people who have also mentioned these quality gloves of being so comfortable that they act as a second skin. 

  • Digging Fork

The next tool that is a must-have while gardening is a digging fork that is also referred to as garden or spade fork and is useful for loosening tight soil, making small areas airy, integrating compost in garden beds and separating perennials. Designed with a D shaped handle, it eases out the digging procedure uncomplicated especially in tight places.

Digging folk
  • Spade

Also named as “garden workhorses”, these small handled square shaped shovels make the process of digging holes for plants, shifting soil and dirt from one place to another, edging and lifting sod very comfortable and uncomplicated. Slightly heavy on the pockets, a good quality spade can turn out to be a great garden investment for the rest of our life. A quality spade comes with treads on the top of the blade that further renders a long-lasting and comfortable foot area when an additional push is required. It also includes ash hardwood handles making it durable towards shock and vibration. These quality blades are built with stainless steel making them strong and rust free.  

  • Wheelbarrow

We understand how cumbersome it can be physically to move around hundreds of pounds of soil from one place to another or adding compost of mulch in garden beds and this is why our list includes wheelbarrow that makes this process easy and light on your arms and back. This particular tool comes with a single handle making balancing easier when on uneven terrain. Not just this, these can be pulled or pushed with the single hand. 

  • Sprayer and Hose

There’s no denying in the fact that there couldn’t be anything more convenient than having a hose for watering your garden area no matter what its area be. These are the tools that come with an assortment of materials including rubber and vinyl, diverse lengths which usually range from 25, 50 and 75 ft. and lastly, colors that are either green or black. Available with a sprayer, you are offered with options including watering newly seeded areas watered with a soft stream of water or a hard blast of water for taking off the mud from tools. 

  • Pruning Saw

Pruning saw are used as an all-purpose saw for your garden making them easily foldable for safe and secure transportation and storage. Coming with razor tooth blades, these pruning saws are used for cutting through woody stems that can be the size of an arm. The best part about these saws is that they can be comfortably used in tight and cumbersome spaces and are very light and comfortable to handle.   

Pruning saw

Whether you have a garden area that is large or small in size, having good quality and diverse range of garden tools always comes handy and helps you maintain your garden area without you having to fear for the physical exertion that later transforms into pain and bruises. Owing these tools can rather help you do the job better and the results can be a beautiful and exotic garden area