Permablitz Hi

Hawaii's Edible Revolution

DIY Garden Blitz

When people helping people to grow food together is no longer buzz-worthy, we won’t need Permablitz will have been successful.

Although coming along to volunteer at 3 events so that you can qualify for the network to come & blitz your backyard is a great way to learn new skills, make new friends, and is a lot of fun… anyone can blitz their own backyard with a bunch of friends & family by following these simple steps:

  1. Create a design/plan for your edible landscape.
  2. Decide what materials you will work with.
  3. Gather materials on-site in preparation for the blitz day.
  4. Write out an implementation plan – what has to happen first, second, third, etc – so that you can manage your volunteers effectively on blitz day.
  5. Set a date for your blitz (make sure you have a central gathering area for store bags, potluck, talk story, take breaks, etc.)
  6. Laulima! (Many hands working together)

Communicate before, during & after the event – let your volunteers know what to bring ahead of time, what they will be doing on the day of – a ‘morning circle’ works well – and don’t forget to follow up with an email (and plenty of photos from the blitz)… everyone loves to see themselves, and the fruits of our labor.

Potluck is always a good idea – people love to gather around shared food, and it creates another opportunity to connect & make new friends.

Have all materials on-site the day before the blitz – having to leave, or send people off-site to gather materials on the day of the event kills the buzz and is not as effective.

Provide plenty drinking water – better yet, have some homemade lemonade or ice-tea on hand.  Alcohol is not recommended during the workday, but (in moderation) can be a good way to relax sore muscles after a hard day’s work. Nothing like a cold beer after sweating in the sun all day, but it kinda defeats the purpose (and doesn’t really build community) if you get all ‘bus up…

Create a comfortable central gathering area – for people to store their stuff, take a break, and gather for potluck lunch.

Take plenty of before / after pictures, and drop us a line, we’d love to hear how your blitz event went!