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PermablitzHI honored at Hawaii State Senate Chamber

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On March 24, 2015 Senator Mike Gabbard invited the current leaders of the PermablitzHI hui to his office at the State Capitol to talk story about the possibilities of transforming the ornamental reflecting pools into a productive, edible landscaping feature. The team found themselves on the Senate Chamber Floor being acknowledged and thanked for their work – well played Senator Gabbard, well played!

We are honored and humbled to receive this recognition, and would like to thank everyone who has blitzed, helped out, or otherwise contributed and supported to making Permablitz what it is today – MAHALO. See you at the next blitz!!

Thank you Senator Gabbard for a well-executed surprise!

Thank you Senator Gabbard for a well-executed surprise!


MG: Madame President and colleagues, I’d like to introduce Permablitz Hawaii 

I see some of you scratching your heads, thinking “what the heck is a permablitz”?  First, let me assure you, it has nothing to do with football….no, it’s not a new defensive scheme for the Seattle Seahawks.  Actually,  Permablitz, is a volunteer network akin to the old fashioned barn raisings common in the early days of our country.  But instead of folks coming together to build barns, they come together to design and create edible landscapes based on permaculture principles.   

Permaculture is a design system for communities; it’s about working with nature towards care of Mother Earth, care of her inhabitants and the sharing of resources.

Volunteer workdays are held regularly to transform backyards, schools or other public places into more efficient, functional and productive spaces in a single day.   

Permablitzes began in Australia in 2006 as a collaboration between a Permaculture designer and a community group. Since then there have been hundreds organized throughout the world.  On Oahu, they’ve been happening on average about once a month since Permablitz arrived in 2011.  

Beyond the incredible gift of edible landscapes, Permablitz is as much about building community, teaching, learning, sharing and living sustainably.  

We have here today, the leaders of Permablitz Hawaii: (Will you please stand as I call your name?) 


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