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PermablitzHI#23, #digoutblitz all pau

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PermablitzHI#23 - ALL PAU

PermablitzHI#23 – ALL PAU

The Kailua Permablitz on 9/13/14 transformed the front and back of the house. Rachel Elias, graduate of the Asia Pacific Center for Regenerative Design’s permaculture design course, has imagined these projects for a long time. And we all helped make them come to life! 10661681_10204654313136158_82327869554153651_o10702157_10204654320216335_4347019444802267256_n 10389597_10204654317936278_8621669718517097699_n 10404092_10204654316536243_2506083622085464658_n Volunteers started with pulling out wedelia, digging holes, moving compost and mulch, building raised beds, and planting fruit trees. What was once non productive and covered in wedelia, is now full of food, flowers and rare native plants.   10608741_10204654322856401_4688770645126105188_o10626636_10204654249654571_2210714462400437730_n Now Monte, Kevan and Keith have fresh greens for their daily smoothies! Because Rachel has left for college, they need to learn how to cook healthy plant food like she does! 😉 10647180_10204654263454916_4134724004777086341_n148783_10204654303895927_4625534693573602443_n And now a message from Monte:  

“These people blow my mind. They were all so into it and energetic with their hearts in the right place! I was taken away by their sharing of knowledge and expanding my horizons. What an impressive bunch of people. I know all members of my family felt the same way” Everyone was thanking me but I really want to thank Them!” -Monte Elias

Full pics here – Thank you Permablitz Ohana! 10660282_10204769383340460_5751634367254608584_n


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