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PermablitzHI#23: Daughter digs garden then digs out for college

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Kailua PermablitzHI#23, before.

Kailua PermablitzHI#23, before.

From Rachel Elias, Producer of PermablitzHI#23:

Aloha Blitzers!

Your mission this Saturday [September 13th]:

Meet on-site by 9.00am: House of the Elias- 420 N Kalaheo ave. apt. C (Kailua beach near kalamas). Don’t forget to get yourself a good breakfast, and bring coffee, tea, or whatever gets you going in the mornings. Plan to be on-site until around4pm or so.
Come prepared for a day of gardening in the sun. House is one door down from the ocean so we will be talking about choosing salt and sand tolerant plants, and of corse, hit the beach to cool down! Hat, shades, bandana, sunscreen, gloves, closed-toe shoes, water bottle… bring your favorite garden tools & tidbits if you like – make sure they are clearly labeled with your name, so that they can all go home with you. We are especially in need of wheelbarrows on this blitz.

Some projects going on:
 – We will be deconstructing an old slide tower and using the wood to make raised beds.
 – Planting perennial sand and salt tolerant plants all over the place in an elegant fashion.
epic battle of the wedelia out front to make way for… more desirable plants.
 – Harvest existing sweet potato and re plant in a Bamboo walled sweet potato bed.
 – A few plants here and there to make the place look nice 🙂
 – Start lilikoi on a climb up the outdoor shower.
 – Starting a worm bin and a compost.
 – Landscaping the front with a pathway, wood chips, and edibles.
 – Herb and flower walk

Bring your own re-usable eating utensils for potluck! The potluck lunches have become a highlight of permablitzes, so bring your favorite homemade dish and swap recipes with each other… one the Ethics of Permaculture is ‘Fair Share of Resources’, what better resource to share than yummy food!!

Bring your notepad and pen – there will be a briefing to explain the design and implementation plan for the day. Certain things have to happen before others, and it will help things flow more smoothly if we can check in with each other throughout the course of the day to make sure we are on track. This way everyone helps everyone to learn-by-doing!

Seed & Plantshare. Bring along some seeds to share (especially perennial species) – if you don’t have your own seeds to share yet, no worries, it’s another skill you can learn on Saturday…

Rideshare. It’s way more fun, and way better for mother earth (and easier on the parking situation!)… We’ve open cc’d everyone on this email list so that we can keep in touch communicate more easily… so please commune! 😉

Our host will be providing cold water, and some small kine munchies for lunch, though permablitzing can be hard work so we recommend that you bring along some of your favorite snacks to keep you going. Better yet, bring some healthy snacks to share & swap recipes with new friends – potluck style!!


RSVP here.


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