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Yogarden: 4th of July FOOD INDEPENDENCE DAY Kailua Town Parade

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This Friday PermablitzHI, Yogarden, and Green Rows Farm are giving away over 2,000 plants FOR FREE to the Kailua community at the 4th of July town parade.

Come join us for a fun day of service + giving plants away, and/or help us prepare by coming out to one of the following pre-parade events:


Wednesday, July 2nd: Float Construction and Painting
Location: 44-012 Kaimalu Place Kaneohe, HI 96744
Time: 8am-6pm (anytime you can come is beautiful)
Jobs: This day will consist mostly of building, painting, and doing whatever service is needed!
What to bring: working hands, paint brushes & paints (for your use or donation) Bring Hydration and snacks for yourself and to share.

Thursday: Assembling Float & Pot Luck
Location: 44-012 Kaimalu Place Kaneohe, HI 96744
Time: 9am-10pm (anytime you can come is beautiful)
Jobs: This will be our final time to assemble the floats for the following morning’s parade. Last year we were working till dark, any time you have to offer would be highly appreciated. At this time, we will be attaching all painted artwork, banners, and harvested plants/flowers.
What to bring: working hands, beautiful flowers….if you can harvest gingers, heliconia, ti leaf, etc. We can definitely use for decoration. Bring Hydration.
Plant Donation: Please bring any extra edible potted plants for Friday’s plant giveaway.
*Because this is a long work day, let’s make it a party too! Bring along a vegan potluck dish to share with everyone. We will provide extra water, some beverages, a some snacks.

Friday: 4th of July Parade
Location: Kailua Town, North Kainalu (We are #87 in the parade. You can ask other parade participants and parade ushers to help you locate #87)
Time: 9am be onsite for last minute assist and set up. 10am parade begins.
Plant Donation: Any edible potted plants should be dropped off Wednesday Night @ the Kaimalu location in Kaneohe. (If you are not available to drop off plants Wednesday, please bring them to the float location before 9am)
Parade Details: Kainalu Drive will close @ 9am. Parking will be on surrounding streets or at Kaimalu Intermediate is available. There will be a shuttle beginning at 7am from Kailua Intermediate(where the parade ends) to N. Kainalu Street. The walking distance of the parade is 1.4 miles.
What to bring: Please don’t bring much, as there is not anyplace to store it on the floats water, hat, sunscreen, drum, walking shoes, smiles, loving hands.

Mahalo to all of you for you love and support. All are welcome, even if you have 1 hour! Come by and see the blooming of our float! Please email us if you have any questions!

Yogarden Hawaii



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