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PermablitzHI#22, Kapolei – Before

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Jason Leue from Ailani Gardens in Waianae has been a part of the Permablitz hui since 2012, and has been slowly and steadily chipping away at launching a Westside Permabltiz network.  The last blitz he organized in Waianae was hosted at Happyponics in 2012, a couple more blitzes on this side of the island and we should have some candidates qualified with their 3 blitzes under their belt.

Meanwhile, Jason has chosen to donate his qualified blitz to some friends who have inspired him along the way, here’s a peek at some of his rough sketches for the blitz:

The hosts for this Permablitz are very active in their community and on environmental issues. They were a huge inspiration for me to get my farm going. The first time I got any info regarding GMOs was from them and it got me motivated to start Ailani Gardens, a small one acre organic farm in Waianae, 7 years ago. So it brings me great joy to be able to give back a little to these friends.
We have 2 projects we’d like to try and complete. One is a small pond and one is revamping their existing garden.
Jason's rough sketch of the blitz design

Jason’s rough sketch of the blitz design

We will be having a short IMO workshop going over a simple technique for harvesting beneficial Indigenous Micro Organisms after the Blitz.
We will be offering a vegetarian, fresh cooked, locally inspired lunch with taro (Kalo). Then unused taro stems will be used to plant their new taro patch!

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