Permablitz Hi

Hawaii's Edible Revolution

Kaimuki PermablitzHI#20 – Before

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Nancy, a mom with 2 young adult children – Nancy loves to juice and eat plenty fruits and vegetables, especially ones from her latina heritage like plantains, avocados, and citrus. She would also like to grow greens to keep her grocery costs down. Nancy and her daughter want to feel more connected to their food and they are excited to start connecting to the soil. They want banana, maybe more papaya and some love to the existing citrus trees as well as maybe another one.  Plan to be living at this site for next 3yrs. Both are committed to living a more sustainable life and are very grateful to have permablitzers help them transform their land!
Landlord has given them half of the existing rockwalled raised bed to use (about 30ft by 5ft, knee ht, with 2 semi circles that jut out and backed by neighbors fence – about 6ft high). In front of the raised bed area is a large grassy area that the landlord wants for parking so lot of cars onsite.  Pretty much has all day sun.  Faces SW ish.  Dry, very windy in certain months.  Would need irrigation to grow salad greens.
Are mostly filled with aloe at the moment.  Talk of saving some. One semi circle has a citrus in it – unknown type that needs love.  Otherwise most of bed can be used for food.  There is a spiket at the divide line of the part of the bed that can be used and part that cannot be used, so an irrigation line can be set up form here that goes to all of the bed with food etc.  My suggestion to keep one semi circle with aloe and other xeriscape plants, use front of beds for smaller food plants and back for larger shrubs and bushes, and other semi circle with existing citrus and some nurture plants or flowers beneath it.  Consider ground cover plants for the beds themselves as it is hot and dry here.  Banana circle planned for area near washing machine at the end of the bed closest to house so water runoff can be used for bananas.

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