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Botany for Gardeners class on Big Island

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Botany for Gardeners


Botany for Gardeners: Weeds, Wellness, Wisdom

A series of workshops on common garden plant families. Identification, Morphology, Medicinal and Cultural uses. At Farm as School, Food as Medicine, Paauilo, Hawaii Instructors: Dr. Koh Ming Wei and Bobby Grimes. June 28 – July 3, 2014

Part One: June 28 – 29, Saturday & Sunday.
Monocots and Dicots
Poaceae and Asteraceae. We’ll indentify common weeds in the garden from those two families and learn to use them in various ways.

Part Two: June 30 – July 1, Monday & Tuesday.
The varieties, diversity and health benefits of eating Beans and Broccoli.
and Brassicaceae. Two of the most common families in the garden.

Part Three: July 2 – 3, Wednesday & Thursday.
How Carrots won the Trojan War, how Tomatoes are the fruit of love, and how Potatoes shaped Hawaii.
Tomatoes, Potatoes (Regular and Sweet), and Carrots; Solanaceae, Convolvulaceae, and Umbeliferae.

$250 for each two-day session, includes lunches and snacks, supplies (art, medicine, cultural uses), and handouts. LIMIT: 15 participants.
Sign up for 2 sessions – $400. Sign up for all three sessions – $575.
Camping on site, $15/night includes hot shower and potluck dinner.


To register and for more details – or 808 443 9231


Sample Activities:

  • Time in the garden identifying and gathering the plants.
  • Art in the Garden to learn the morphology of the plants.
  • Medicine and cultural uses – hands-on (teas, salves, sauerkraut, trellis, etc.)
  • Pau hana plant party.





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