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Black Soldier Fly Workshop in Waimanalo

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Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly

For the past 10 years, Robert Olivier has focused mostly on designing and manufacturing a unit called The Biopod(TM) for backyard use in processing household kitchen scraps. “Backyard food production is my passion. If I can help people feed their chickens, and the fish in their aquaponics, their pigs, pet iguanas, whatever it may be…let me just say that I feel very honored to be here and given this opportunity.”

Robert has an amazing collection of charts showing exactly how much food is wasted into landfills. Then there are the charts showing how much protein, fat, and other feed components can be derived from grubs. Just one square foot of a grub bin can produce more protein than 1/10th of an acre of soybeans. “If we can successfully scale up to accommodate the slaughterhouse waste, those operations could produce the protein equivelant of 500 acres of soybean production a year. On a small island, that’s pretty significant, I would say.”

On Saturday April 26th, Robert will be offering a hands-on workshop exploring details of Insect Farming for animal feed production at Green Rows Farm in Waimanalo.  Details & registration online at:

Insect Farming flyer


One thought on “Black Soldier Fly Workshop in Waimanalo

  1. Robert,
    I hope you are having great success in Hawaii. I forwarded this page to Megan at the Community Farm in Kauai. Maybe she will be interested. Take care and keep up your great work!

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