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Kaelepulu Permablitz ALL PAU

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The Kaelepulu Elementary Permablitz this past Sunday was one of our most ambitious yet, with over 70 volunteers (including school parents + keiki) working on 4 projects going simultaneously in a concentrated area:

1) Pallet fence construction (led by Sean Evans from Green Rows Farm):

  • 2 x (50′ walls) + 1 x (40′ wall w/ entryway)
  • T-bar posts placed every 10′ for vertical support
  • ‘Unicorn rainbow vomit’ paintjob using donated paints

2) Bamboo trellis construction (led by Allen Fanning):

  • T-bar posts placed every 10′ for vertical support
  • Include arched entryway into Peace Garden

3) Reconstruct / revitalize raised beds (Meghan van Bergeijk)

  • Deconstruct 2-3 problem beds + reconstruct w/ thicker weedmatting / soaked cardboard
  • Mulch pathways
  • Plant perennials

4) Peace garden planting / Food forest slope (led by Hunter Heaivilin and Madre Chocolate’s Nat Bletter)

  • Plant Glyricidia sepium in circle around dripline of exisitng Monkeypod tree (approx 10′ spacing)
  • Plant selected edible understory / climbing species up non-native-invasives on existing agroforestry slope
  • Install banana circle on hill

Full pics + time-lapse video coming soon (stay tuned)…



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