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BLITZED: Community Action Gardenblitz WIC Wahiawa

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End of the day.WIC staff and PE volunteers.5

The Community Action Gardenblitz at WIC Wahiawa inaugurated over a dozen first-time permablitzers. The last of 3 huge permaculture events, it followed the Waimanalo Permaculture Design Course and the first ever Oahu Permaculture Convergence, truly marking August as a permaculture month on Oahu!


On Friday, the permablitz team transformed a barren patch of grass outside the WIC clinic into a beautifully mulched garden of nutritious delights. This blitz was the next step toward providing organic produce for WIC members (WIC is a government program working to curb malnutrition in low income families). Since early 2013, Drew Wilkinson and Positive Energetics Foundation have been donating organic produce to the moms and children at WIC Wahiawa. And now the clinic has an edible garden of its own.

Making the raised bed.2

The WIC staff and a handful of permablitz returnees cranked out four raised beds enclosed by two perennial guilds, a design created by Drew Wilkinson and Kiran Aulakh , a Waimanalo PDC graduate. Kiran mapped out square-foot-gardening companion-planting for the veggie and herb beds, while Drew guided the installation of the borders, stacking a diversity of edible perennials that were home grown from Positive Energetics Foundation.  To finish it off, the WIC staff-many of whom had never planted a seed–seed bombed the remaining spaces.

Freshly planted

We will keep you posted on the status of the new WIC Wahiawa Organic Community Garden in the coming months. North Shore permies! If you have completed  3 blitzes and are ready to transform your landscape, speak up and we’ll come help you design to recline.

Writeup by Kiran Aulakh


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