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1st Oahu Permaculture Convergence August 24, 2013


Enlighten your mind and learn to design a regenerative future. Join Hawaii’s growing Permaculture community for a full day of workshops, guest speakers, and activities Saturday 8/24 at Waiheuna Farm on the north shore:


$50 for all day (8am-10pm)- POTLUCK lunch and dinner included. $25 evening only (5pm-10pm)- DINNER included. Camping Sat night $5 per person.

Register at  by Friday, Aug. 16th and join the event on facebook:


4 thoughts on “1st Oahu Permaculture Convergence August 24, 2013

  1. would like to offer a 1 year live in program to super talented permaculture professionals. the offer will cost $800 / month per person includes housing (share quarters), utilities and food, plus 3 work days a week, 1 class/ planning gathering time per month. The goal is to convert an organic farm with a lot of infrastructure in place to an living sustainable model that will eventually be at least 85% off the grid. This is a hands on program.

    Would you know anyone who is interested. there is room for 8 people in shared quarters. Up to now the quarters have been used as a vacation rental, see video link at Master suite will be converted to 4 twin beds.

  2. do you post this kind of Announcement on your site anywhere. we are located on the North shore in Pupukea.

  3. I am searching for talented permaculture people who might want to lease and set up their own sustainable piece of paradise one day. I have land to lease. This would be their opportunity to compete for the leases by showing me what they can do over a 1 year period of time.

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