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Permablitz Palolo all Pau

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PermablitzHI#16: Palolo is the first blitz since the Wailua blitz#15 back in February – it’s been a busy year of community planting actions, workshops, seed exchanges, food forests and more.

About 2 dozen passionate permablitzers turned out last Saturday to install a perennial leafy greens orchard, banana circle, raised beds, and a no-dig keyhole garden bed at Ka’imi, Scott & Maggie’s shared household in Palolo:

The two Jenns’ – graduated of the 2013 Weekend PDC – collaborated on the design & implementation process, leading the installation of the raised beds + banana circle areas, Matt Lynch guided the installation of Ka’imi’s new keyhole garden, while the infamous Hunter Heaivilin led the charge for perennial guerilla gardening on the adjacent remnant parcel.  Good times.



Click here for more photos, and here’s a few heartfelt words from our gracious host Ka’imi:

. . . So, Matt & Jennifer, & Jennifer & everyone, a thousand thank yous.  

I am so happy to have such wonderful mana ~of everyone~ in our gardens . . .

Mahalo nui for bringing  all your planting contributions, I am so grateful for
us to have planted so much wonderful food!
And I am (& we are) so thrilled with the beauty of the pohaku circle.
Mahalo nui, Matt for this brilliant idea.***I feel so very blessed by everyone’s gifts***

I feel like our whole yard is kinda sparkling with life-force
energy, right now!
The rain fell at least twice last night to bless all of our work . . .
~And Maggie is volunteering to water the “upper orchard” ~YaY!
Both Maggie & Scott have already been happily busy with gardening today (while I was at church).
Maggie said that when she was in the garden, she felt of a ‘wash’ of  her father’s energy
(~he ‘s across the veil for many years, now, & he had a great vegetable garden & green 
thumb when he was on Earth).  She said, “so I think I ‘m really gonna like this!’
It’s so cool that two people (Maggie & Scott) who hadn’t really thought about doing this
are now totally into it & it’s become a fun “family activity” for us.

        *love you & everyone who came!*

me ke aloha, Ka’imi
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