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Permaculture Plants Workshop Flyer

Hey Blitzers,

Just wanted to update you with a workshop I will be teaching in two weeks at Positive Energetics Foundation. I will be co-teaching a permaculture plants workshop with nutritional health coach Ryan Hailstones. We are focusing on teaching how to grow low maintenance plants, their nutritional benefits, and how to prep them into delicious meals. Pupus, tea, and plants will be given out for your enjoyment.

See the above flyer for all the details. Contact me if you are interested and help spread the word if you can!


North Shore Edible Bike Path update: The plants are doing well. Bananas have some offspring ready for relocation. And we loaded the plants with mulch to retain moisture as the summer temps peak. We have added some beautiful signage to the path, and are on a mission to get more people involved with the project so we can expand. Contact me if you’d like to help out with the project on the full moon workday July 22nd from 4-6pm or if you want to might be interested in adopting a section of bike path near your house.


We also have plenty of banana trees up for donation at Positive Energetics if you are looking to grow your own. suggested $15-$30.

Drew Wilkinson
Growing Together  /  NShore Permablitz hui


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