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A Food Forest in Honolulu? You can help make it happen!

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Members of the PermabltizHI hui have been working with a coalition of community-baed organizations, and the City & County of Honolulu, to establish a food forest pilot project in downtown Honolulu.

The Honolulu Food Forest Pilot Project at Kamaliʻi Park aims to beautify and revitalize a small city space that stands at a “gateway” to downtown Honolulu. Last year, the City Council approved funding for the pilot project. Though the project enjoys broad community support, it has yet to be approved by the Department of Parks & Recreation.

A “food forest” is a designed ecosystem of food-bearing trees and shrubs which mimics the productivity of a natural forest. This project utilizes culturally significant and climate appropriate species, and, in the urban context of Honolulu, aims to bring a diverse community together around the commonality of food.

Establishing a food forest in Honolulu is a small step towards re-establishing our island’s food security and a can serve as a tangible and thriving demonstration of the city and county’s dedication to healthy and sustainable island communities.



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