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Community Action: Haleiwa Coconut Grove Planting

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Daniel Anthony (founder of Mana ‘Ai) has obtained the blessing of Neil Hannahs, (Director of Land Assets Division at Kamehameha Schools) to plant a coconut grove on KSBE lands in Haleiwa Town this Saturday March 2nd.

PermablitzHI is teaming up with Mana ‘Ai, the Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition, Yogarden, and Island Foodscaping to lead a positive community action in Haleiwa Town on March 2nd.


Photo: Look for this sign on Saturday morning.

We believe in focusing our efforts towards creating demonstrable alternatives to undesirable energies impacting our community, and invite you to join us in positive action this weekend. 

No need RSVP, just show up to 61-349 Kamehameha Hwy @ 8.30am this Saturday morning with sprouted coconuts ready to go in the ground (and your o’o stick or shovel). 

Contact Paul Izak for more details & information.


Photo: 70+ sprouted coco keikis ready to go in the ground!


Here is a quote from a recent email:

The cultural significance of niu is not lost on us.

I hope the thought that this grove of trees might be seen as an symbol of our need to create a sustainable food system for Hawaii appeals to you as much as it does to us.

Planting the trees adjacent to an organic farm that will double the statewide acreage used for organic farming seems very pono.

In a hundred years, people will look upon this grove and remember that it was planted as part of a larger effort by our community to shift Hawaii’s food sovereignty paradigm.

Aloha ‘Aina!

Uncle Neil


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