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Maui: Live Design Charrette & Introduction to Permaculture

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WHO: Matt Lynch, Instructor
Live Design Charrette
2 acre homestead in Haiku, Maui
Saturday – Sunday, March 9-10th 
$100 /weekend
RSVP: Jerry Isdale, Maui Makers

Maui Makers is pleased to offer this two day Introduction to Permaculture and Live Design Charrette on a 2 acre homestead in Haiku HI.

A “Design Charrette” (shuh-ret) is an intense period of collaborative problem-solving and design activity.

  • Day 1 will consist of an Introduction to Permaculture workshop, a combination of classroom instruction & group work to limber everyone’s designing muscles up.  We’ll also do a site walk / tour and discuss basic constraints and design goals of the case study site. 
  • Day 2 will be a hands-on design day, beginning with ‘Methods of Design’ & ‘Conventions of Design’ sessions to equip participants with the basic tools to begin designing.  You will work with a small team to co-design for a real-life scenario based on the site in Haiku.

Class will be held 9am-5pm Sat March 9 and 9-5 Sun March 10 on-site in Haiku (Maui) Hawaii.

Water and juice will be available. Bring your lunch, bring to share.

General Public price for the weekend is $100.  Members of Maui Makers (maui’s makerspace) get a 15% discount ($85).

About your instructor:
Matt Lynch has worked & taught Permaculture Design Courses in Australia, Hawaii, Mongolia and Vanuatu. With an engaging and practical style, he is founder of the PermablitzHI movement and the non-profit Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design.


Some design elements that you will be working to incorporate:
 * 200sqft office space near the workshop
 * 4000-14000 gal catchment system w/fire stand near workshop
 * 800-1000sqft Ohana dwelling 
 * small out building for volatiles (paint etc) storage away from other buildings.
 * big ass hot tub sitting in my garage needs nice setup (incl solar hot water/power)
 * aquaponics system sufficient for own food & perhaps some farmers market

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