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Plant Medicine Classes in Palolo

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Last time David Bruce Leonard was on Oahu his class sold out and was standing-room only!

Author of Medicine at Your Feet: Healing Plants of the Hawaiian Kingdom and Wild Wisdom: Listening to Heart of Nature, David is an expert on the medicinal plants of the tropics. He studies, lectures, and teaches on cross-cultural uses of plant medicines, environmental concerns, traditional plant gathering practices, and pragmatic approaches to health care. David is known for his offbeat sense of humor and is often seen in Hawaiian rainforests wearing his favorite trash bag as a raincoat.


Hawai’i has a rich tradition of natural medicine dating back more than 1000 years. In this class we will look at the history of plant medicines here from antiquity to the present day. An outline and history of Hawaiian medicine will be included with special focus on the 19th century uses of plants and historical documents. We will cover traditional and scientific uses of Hawaiian plant medicines from the Polynesian-introduced canoe plants to European introduced and even natives.

Register here to reserve your spot today!


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