Permablitz Hi

Hawaii's Edible Revolution

First Blitz of 2013 was EPIC

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Photo: BEFORE.


Photo: AFTER.

WOW.  1 day.  Twenty-something volunteers (including neighbors & some blitzcrashers!), one steep hillside (greater than 45degrees in some places), and a whole lotta fun.

Our awesome hosts Joe & Sukanda – who put out an amazing spread of authentic homecooked Thai food (in addition to the amazing potluck dishes everyone brought), ran a workshop on making your own bokashi, and even gave away some composting worms to some lucky blitzers – wrote this note of thanks to everyone… then check out some photos of what we got done below:

Aloha, I wanted to write and thank the Permablitz community for the amazing work that
was accomplished here at our family home last Sunday. I also want to thank all of the
people that tried to sign up but were not able to come due to the limited size allowed
at our event. It is really great to have a couple of first time blitzers here… showing the
continual growth of Permablitz Hawaii!!!

I know many of you have been on the giving end in donating your time and energy on
transforming someone’s property into a productive garden… I found it to be a totally
different experience to be on the receiving end, to feel the love and to see all those
smiling faces working so hard… to improve our place. WOW, a very far out feeling!

I asked my brother in law who is recovering from heart surgery, if we were too loud and
disturbing his sleep. He responded by saying how delightful it was to hear the planning
and the joining of sprits at the beginning. He went on to say that in all of his years of
working, he had never heard a group of people working so hard and having such a good
time doing it… together! He not only enjoyed hearing the activities of the day, he was
totally blown away when he saw the end result.

Our project was very ambitious for the time we had, I wish that I had more time to do the
EM and Bokashi making workshop, maybe I can bring along the stuffs and do it on the
next one!

The Permablitz Hawaii principals and partners should be very proud of what they have
put together here in Hawaii. I would strongly suggest that if you are not a part of this
Hui or haven’t been Blitzen yet, to give it a try. It is good for the heart and soul, and a
dynamic way to connect with new friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! BIG LOVE!

Many Mahalos,
Sukanda & Joseph Nolan


Photos: Epic lunch; People power can move logs up & down hills.


Photo: New fruit trees planted out!

More pics from PermablitzHI#13 here!


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