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PermablitzHI#11: Cheeeee-huuuuuuuuuu, waipahuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

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Photos: Hangover shades, Seedshare box, and lotsa smiles at morning circle.

Sunday blitzes are always so chill.  Maybe its the dark glasses hiding hangovers, or the even-more-delicious-on-the-next-day-leftovers brought for potluck… though I suppose the pool parties and jam sessions from past Sunday blitzes kinda help that vibe too.

This blitz was no exception – turns out that Jason’s friend Mel is a retired Chef from the First Hawaiian Banker’s Club – so he put on an executive spread of onolicious culinary goodness in addition to all the goodies brought by Blitzers:


Photo: The potlucks keep gettn’ better…

We installed a two herb spirals in the garden (to maximize growing space & ease of access), and prepared the area for planting with compost & mulch.  A bamboo bean trellis was installed (which will double as a privacy screen for the neighbors once it has grown in), the rambunctious lilikoi vine & ti plants were pruned & tidied (to allow room to grow other veggies), and a patch of ornamental helleconia in the front yard was replaced with a guild of moringa (aka kalamungay / malungay) and pigeon pea (aka gondoli beans):


Photo: Double-power-herb-spiral (which as everybody knows, also attracts fairies into the garden)

The Awesome Foundation joined us around lunchtime, to find out why a bunch of crazy random people are willing to show up at a stranger’s house on a Sunday morning to do some gardening.  They also dropped of a gigantic $1,000 check, towards the purchase of a Community Permablitzmobile (coming soon!)


Photos: (1) The Awesome Foundation is surprised by what they find upon arrival; (2) Thank you for being awesome, Awesome Foundation!

Justin Franzmeier led the bamboo-bean-trellis operation, while some hardworking ladies cleaned & grubbed the heleconia bed to make way for a Moringa / Pigeon pea guild in the front yard. 


Photos: (1) Justin & Jason; Barbara & Friend

Nate Maust & Matt Lynch did their best to figure out how to construct the herb spirals by re-using keystone pavers gleaned from the deconstructed heleconia bed.


Photos: (1) Laying re-used keystone pavers; (2) Fillin’ da spiral wit da menehune magic; (3) Just add water; (4) Fill w/ more compost until all pau!

Young Sage & her beautiful Aunties cleaned, organized & refilled the Seedshare box:


Photos: Seedsaving & seedsharing like a BOSS

and Nate even brought some starters of Malabar spinach, Moringa, Basil and more to give away:


Photo: Thank you Nate!

Lets do more chillaxed Sunday blitzes (especially for retired chefs)… stay tuned for da next blitz, coming to a neighborhood near you!



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