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Growing Together Hosts First North Shore Bike Path Blitz



Imagine strolling the north shore bike path after a long surf session and seeing a big juicy papaya that is just beaming, “Eat me!” That’s the vision we want to make reality. And with the help of about 15 blitzers who got down and dirty the bike path is a leap closer to becoming an edible success!


We planted about 6 bananas, 8 papayas, chaya, lilikoi, sweet potato, wing bean, and Malabar spinach all with the goal of providing food for anyone cruising by. Everyone got some practice prepping holes for bananas and papayas. We dug large holes about 2.5 times the size of the root ball, then mixed an equal batch of mushroom compost and horse manure and halfway filled the hole, saturated the hole and soil with water, planted the root ball, and filled in with more compost and manure, topped it off with 3-4 inches of mulch, and watered. We heavily mulched to retain moisture and keep excess weed growth to zero.




The area we planted was on the edge of a steep slope. We constructed mini terraces using the soil we dug, which had a good portion of clay. When wetted, this clay was easily molded and using dead sticks and branches lying around, we formed several mini terraces. Our goal is for this system to become self sustaining after the plants are established.


New friends were made and an impromptu papaya planting mini -blitz occurred in a neighbor’s yard. We were overjoyed when they let us use their watering hose! Curious passerby’s honked, hooted, shaka’d, and chatted with us about creating an edible bike path. Cheers to future bike path blitzes! We got a stock of plants growing strong in the nursery for future plantings! Let’s find some more spots to plant!


Other North Shore Permaculture News…Here are some events coming up!


North Shore Farm Film Series starts at 5pm (free!):

1) Waihuena Farm Fri, Nov. 2nd

2) Kolea Farm Fri, Nov.9th

3) Mohala Farm Fri, 16th

Introduction to Permaculture Course at Kolea Farm–Sun, Nov. 18th


Share/Trade at Kolea Farm Sun, Nov. 25th





2 thoughts on “Growing Together Hosts First North Shore Bike Path Blitz

  1. FOUND: Lost Keys. They were put inside of our orange bag we brought to the event. Please reply to this post if you know who they belong to.
    ~btw: my daughters and I had a blast, thank you!

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