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PermaBlitz Westside Launch Results

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PermaBlitz Westside was launched at Happy Ponics. Happy Ponics is a 44 year old one acre site that is probably 10 degrees cooler then the road coming in. Established trees like b


anyan and bamboo grooves over a hundred feet tall is a little slice of WOW. Raychel the owner and founded of Happy Ponics said that she was amazed at the Permablitz network and highly recommends people get involved. Our Blitzers of around 20 turned a spot that had an pool removed into the start of a 4000 galloon pond with a brick patio that served as a classroom/watercatchment surface for the pond. We sculpted hunderds of feet of pathways as subtle swales to direct property run off into the pond. We started but didn’t finish the soon to be lilikoi trellesed roof. The lunch ingredients was about 80% from Happy Ponics and amazing. It was so nice to meet people keen on permaculture in Waianae. Which left most people with the same question at the end. Whens the next one? To be announced soon . . .


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