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PermaBlitz Westside launches Saturday, Sept 15!


With PermaBlitz’s big success all over the island we have started to expand to other places on Oahu. West Side Oahu now has there own PermaBlitz team up and running. The first Blitz will be at an amazing scene established in 1968 by one of our dear friends who is serving our community so nicely. It will be a great opportunity help contribute to her mission of educating people on working with natural systems.


We will put in a new pond with a patio, and of course many plants. We are planning to do a “gley” style living pond liner which will be loads of fun. This scene is the aquaponics hub for West Side Oahu already so we will be putting together an amazing classroom/educational spot. We plan to help her give more workshops in natural setting with a 3000 gallon pond trellised with lilikoi and other fruiting crawlers. Space will be limited so email us ASAP to get on the list.



5 thoughts on “PermaBlitz Westside launches Saturday, Sept 15!

  1. How do I sign up for the Sept 15th permablitz?

  2. please put me on your list to participate in the West Side permablitz on Sept 15th. Thank you Theresa Bosely 780-8978

  3. I’d like to join and help out! Please add me to the list.

  4. Please register me for the Sept 15 Perma Blitz. Thank You.

  5. I didn’t receive any confirmation that you have registered me for this event. Also, don’t know where to go. If you are not able to provide that –I am going to start making other plans. Please let me know by tomorrow (thursday 13th). Thanks. Wendy G.

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