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‘Growing Together’ invites PermabltizHI to join the fun at NShore Gardenblitz

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Photo: Facebook can be used constructively..

Drew Wilkinson and friends are passionate about organic gardening, a simple lifestyle, and building community – so they started meeting up at each others’ houses to share skills, build gardenbeds to grow veggies in, and grow together…

…it has been so rewarding that they decided to call their little group Growing Together, with the vision of sharing these things with anyone else in the community who wanted to learn – so when they invited us to play in the dirt with their crew up at Positive Enrgetics Foundation on Oahu’s North Shore, what could we say?

We’re STOKED!!

About 20 or so Gardenblitzers came out to help install a massive Chop-N-Drop raised bed, which turned the California grass which grows so rampantly out there into a valuable resource:


Photos: Growing together on da North Shore.

After a hot day working on the ‘aina together (and a quick dip in the ocean), Paul Izak, Kevin Hodder & Lucie Voelcker played a mystical music set as everyone chilled out to a sunset yoga session.  Complete w/ keikis running around under people’s Downward Dog, and the house’s Muscovy Ducks watching from the mango tree wondering what all those crazy humans were doing… EPIC.


Photo: Epic Sunset Yoga Session.

The most inspiring thing about the whole day?  They did it without the Permablitz network.

Drew and friends saw a great idea, then adapted & applied it so that they could create a reciprocal Gardenblitzing network in their own community – and by utilizing the ‘three-blitzes-to-qualify’ guideline, are doing their bit to restore Hawaii’s food security, one backyard at a time…

…rumor has it their already planning their next Gardenblitz event… cognratulations Drew & da Gang @ Growing Together on the North Shore…. and welcome, to Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution!!


Photo: Growing Together, Positive Energetics Foundation, and PermablitzHI.

Click here for more information & resources on how to put together your own Gardenblitz!


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