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PermablitzHI#7: HPU Winward campus in da house

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Over 80 people turned out to blitz the HPU Hawaii Loa campus on a sunny Saturday morning in Kailua, making this our biggest blitz yet!


Photos: Morning circle; Paul Izak welcomes everybody.

Paul Izak led a group of English-as-a-Second-Language students in an international collaboration to clean up the existing banana patch & harvest some keikis for transplanting down in the lower taro patches.  Their laughter could be heard all the way over from the Student Garden, where Matt Lynch led another group with the installation of a keyhole garden bed, living Moringa (aka Kalamungay / Marungay) & Sugarcane fences, and a Banana circle to compost all the garden’s organic matter.


Photos: Building a no-dig keyhole gardenbed with re-used materials; Mikey enjoying the completed keyhole.

The Student garden was started a few years ago by HPU alumni Saleh Azzizi, and has fallen in & out of disrepair as interest has waxed & waned over the years.  The PermablitzHIhui redesigned the garden area as a permanent foraging area by planting out with perennials such as Moringa, Katuk, Bele (Edible Hibiscus), Ko (Sugarcane), Mai’a (Banana), Malabar Spinach, Pigeon pea, and more.  This way if the garden should fall back into wilderness, the species we planted out in a single day will still be there, along with their edible yields.


Photo: Allen Fanning & Hunter Heaivilin lead a session on propagating perennials.

A compost-and-mulching-train was established, old skool style, to get some much-needed compost + mulch down to the lower taro patch installed last year by HPU Anthropology student Nick Needle.


Photos: Jason leads the compost train; Anthony hauling mulch;Mrs Fe Bailey, filmmaker extraordinairre.

This was all done old-skool, walking tools (once again provided by Island Foodscaping), materials and plants into the taro patches below, and hacking back the underbrush by hand to make room for funcitonal & edible species to be planted out.


Photos: Nate & co packin’ Pandanus (Hala); Crowdsourced permaculture feauturing a guest appearance by local Taro farmer & food activist Charlie Reppun; ; Taro patch I; Taro patch II.

Filmmaker Fe Bailey was in da house (makin’ another Permablitz movie!) this time featuring the entire PermablitzHIhui – we’ll post it when it’s ready to share with the world… potluck lunch was E P I C  (they seem to get better with each blitz!?), the 2Nicks (Reppun & Needle) teamed up to hand-pound fresh kalo to make ono Pai’ai, topped with dried Aku (soooooo ono!!).


Photos: Kaley, our MVP for the day; Fish & poi wit da Nicks; Ono potluck grindz;

With so many helping hands, the work was done (and three separate areas transformed) by 2pm… later the next week, the blitz was written up in Oahu’s MidWeek newspaper, and then made the front page of HPU’s newspaper.  Cheeee-huuuuu!


Photos: HPU Permablitz in da news!



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