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Hawaii's Edible Revolution

PermablitzHI#8 in Pearl City

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Aloha Blitzers!  It is wonderful to see the spirit of reciprocity taking root.  Brilana Silva has volunteered at her 3rd blitz and we are excited to bring our radical gardening party to her home in Pearl City.

Shovels are go for Sunday, May 6th, which is also International Permaculture Day:

By participating in next Sunday’s blitz you join thousands of people across the globe who are also passionate about helping change the world, by helping each other grow food, one backyard at a time…

One aim of permaculture is to grow food where people are… besides it just makes sense, and tastes more ono that way!

Space is limited in suburbia, so we will be squeezing in as much gardening space as possible with garden beds, mini banana circles, and a trellis.  However, we can only squeeze in about 20 smiling faces so RSVP quickly to attend.


Photo: (Part of) da plan…


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