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PermablitzHI#7: HPU Winward campus getz blitzed

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Photo: Don’t worry, we’re not gonna blitz the whole campus…. yet.

Did you know there is a Student Garden, Banana Patch, and even a dryland Taro Patch at HPU’s Hawaii Loa Campus?


Photos: Student garden, Banana patch, Dryland taro patch.

HPU student Julie Bertone is the next blitzer to qualify for the Permablitz network to come blitz her backyard – so she asked if we could blitz her school instead!

HPU MA-GLSD (Master of Arts in Global Leadership & Sustainable Development) Program Chair Dr. Art Whatley caught wind of a potential blitz and enthusastically offered his support (and permission!)…

…so we’re planning to blitz the entire campus implement some permacultural elements into the 3 existing gardens, including installing a living fence, no-dig gardening, an awful lot of mulching, and more…

Space is limited to 20 blitzers because there is a small army of student volunteers waiting to get down ‘n’ dirty with us this Saturday.  RSVP quickly to reserve your spot!

To keep informed of upcoming blitzes (where you can volunteer, learn-by-doing and make new friends along the way),
join the Edible Garden Revolution here.
PermablitzHI is a grassroots movement restoring Hawaii’s food security, one backyard at a time.

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