Permablitz Hi

Hawaii's Edible Revolution

PermablitzHI#6: Harvest, jam session, grindz & grafting (oh yeah, and pool-party)

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Compared to the retaining walls, rasied beds, concrete rubble, and logs we’ve been throwing around during the last few blitzes, this blitz was a lazy Sunday afternoon…harvesting, barbecuing, swimming, grafting, and even a surprise backyard jam session courtesy of Paul Izak and Lucie Voelcker!


Photos: Garden beds prepped & planted.


Photos: Grindz from da garden: Chayote-coconut curry, Purple-sweet-potato patties, Steamed white sweet potato..


Photos: Makin’ new friends: Pigeon-pea seed saving, Kaleo is happy about the potluck table, Paul & Kelly grinding ono local food,  Ekolu makes a friend…


Photos: Pool party: Jason doin’ laps, Undawata races, The Creature from the Blue Lagoon…


Photo: Hunter hard @ work.


Photo: Paul, Allen & Justin hard @ work.


Photos: Grafting workshop: Justin sharing his mana’o; Matt, Nick & Kelly pretend to be trees…


Photos: New terraced gardenbeds installed.


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