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PermablitzHI#6: Did someone say ‘pool-garden-party’?

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Aloha blitzers, I hope your getting excited about next Sunday’s blitz (March 18th) because its gonna be eXtremely fun! Our mailing list has grown to over 200 potential blitzers, so you will need to RSVP quickly to reserve your spot.


Photo: Lone `ulu tree awaits the transformation.

The location is pretty much right across from Kailua Beach Park, so you might want to think of bringing your boardshorts and bikinis:).  

HOSTS:  The Franzmeier Residence is stoked about hosting the blitz and letting everyone see what has been brewing in their Permacultural Foodscape over the last couple of years.  As always heavy snacks will be provided but please feel free to bring some of your favorite foods as well.

Since one of the projects of the day will be harvesting multiple sweet potato patches, a pressure cooker will be on-site instantly preparing the fresh, homegrown, organic produce we find šŸ™‚



Photo: Raised beds in need of re-planting.

Photo: Mini food forest about to get blitzed.  There will be a brief pruning demonstration on this Tahitian Lime tree.
Photo: Did someone say…

…Oh ja if you’re too lazy to walk across to the beach there is a pool!  Mahalo to everyone being a part of this critical movement and we look forward to work alongside one another this coming Sunday.  ALOHA


To keep informed of upcoming blitzes (where you can volunteer, learn-by-doing and make new friends along the way), join the Edible Garden Revolution here.

PermablitzHI is a grassroots movement restoring Hawaii’s food security, one backyard at a time.


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