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PermablitzHI#5 – Mikey’s Mililani Garden Magically Expanded

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Photo: Permablitz – a mind-expanding experience… with Michael Broady Jr.

PermablitzHI#5 went off.

We capped attendance at 15, and 20+ people showed up anyways – including a perfectly timed (and completely unplanned, we promise) appearance by a curious neighbor firing off questions as she walked up the driveway into our preblitz briefing:

  1. Is permablitz a German word?
  2. What are you all doing here? 
  3. Are all of you getting paid to be here?
  4. Are any of you getting paid to be here?
  5. Why the heck are you all here?
  6. Really, nobody is getting paid??





Hunter Heavilin led workshops on Banana Circles, How to Make Worm Tea, and No-dig Gardening, while Matt Lynch led a group in Building a Bamboo Garden Trellis and workshops in Soil Basics and Simple Soil Testing.





Scrap rebar was used to anchor the bamboo (harvested locally), and 3 varieties of citrus trees were planted at the base of the trellis to begin the proposed espelier, while giving the family the option of using it to support the Malabar spinach already in place, or other climbers such as cucumbers, squash or beans.





A central gathering space was kept in the backyard, with raised beds constructed from re-used concrete and rubble – the family can stil host backyard BBQs only now they can pluck fresh herbs & veggies by leaning back on their lawnchairs!


Photo: ‘Molokai’ raised bed constructed from re-used concrete rubble.


Photo: Banana circle, expanded.


Photo: Matt & 2nd-time blitzer Genta with locally harvested bamboo ready to create trellis.

Special thanks to Justin Franzmeier of Island Foodscaping for donating tools, materials, design time, and bamboo!

Oh yes, and a very special thanks to our curious neighbor Lily, who generously gave us a tour of her beautiful (and adundant) edible backyard at the end of the day.  Neighbors sharing with neighbors: inspirational.


Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution is coming to a backyard near you!


For more pics and details, check out our facebook page.

To keep informed of upcoming blitzes and workshops, join Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution here.


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