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PermablitzHI#5 – Mikey’s Magical Mililani Garden

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Mililani foodscape to be installed on February 11th:









Mikey and friends have already got this backyard foodscape off to a great start with the mini-blitz they did last year for Mikey’s birthday party.  Now that he’s got three Permablitzes under his belt, Mikey if the first volunteer of our growing network to qualify to host a full-scale permablitz at his place!

It’s also the first blitz of 2012, and with 160+ people on the mailing list we are sure that space will fill up fast.  It’s a smaller operation and so will have to be limited to 15 blitzers, so RSVP quickly to attend.

…and how’s da mean computer-aided design imagery by Island Foodscaping?!

To keep informed of upcoming blitzes (where you can volunteer, learn-by-doing and make new friends along the way), join Hawaii’s Edible Garden Revolution here.


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