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PermablitzHI#01 update: Sweet Home Waimanalo’s edible parking lot, 4 months later…

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We learned a lot at our first blitz event in Hawaii!

Like us humans, a cafe’s needs are constanly evolving, and a strong permaculture design should grow & evolve along with the evolution of its site. 

Luckily for Sweet Home, business has picked up and they are busier than ever! Unluckily for the garden, this means that there is not much time leftover at the end of a hard days’ work for weeding, watering, and other green-thumb-lovin’… so the design brief has evolved from ‘low maintenance’ to ‘no maintenance’.

“Impossible!”, we hear you say. 

Well, maybe you are right, but the garden must go on, and so we’ll be updating the design to move towards mostly perennial edibles -you’ll have to stop by some time to see how the design evolves, or else keep in touch on faceBook – meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at how the former parking lot looks these days:


Photo: Sweet Potato Stack goin’ off!


Photo: Banana circle around composting pit.


Photo: Lime tree on the left, pigeon pea on the right.  You’ll be happy to hear that the lime is flourishing with new growth now that it has a dressing of compost, a blanket of mulch, and a nitrogen-fixing neighbor to hang out with!


Poto: Worm farm under the shade of the Noni tree.  Sunflowers flourishing in this bed while Japanese cukes getting established under the bamboo teepees.


Photo: Mandala garden (needs some weeding!).


Photo: Sunflowers make everybody happy.


Photo: Daikon raddish growing under young Eggplant bush.


Photo: Kale grows behind a Sunflower border.


Photo: Busy bee pollinating Noni flower while a Ladybug looks on.


PermablitzHawaii is a grassroots movement restoring Hawaii’s food security, one backyard at a time.  Join the Edible Garden Revolution here, and keep informed of upcoming blitzes, workshops, and special events.


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