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PermablitzHI#4 – Morgan residence in Manoa transformed

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PermablitzHI#4 said Aloha ‘Oe to 2011 with a resounding CHEEEE-HUUUUUUUUU…!

Over 30 volunteer blitzers came out on a windy morning to transform a couple piles of dirt and rubble into an elegantly terraced series of raised beds along the shady side of an old Manoa residence.


Photo series: Installation of terraced raised beds using ‘urbanite’, aka re-used concrete rubble.

Permaculturist Allen Fanning, Singer/Songwriter Jon Bentley Boswell, Transition Oahu’s Ron Robinson & Landsurfah SUPAKETS muscled an old tree stump out of a 6′ deep hole, and converted it into a banana circle greywater pit to catch runoff from the rooftop (and turn excess water into bananas):



Photo: Da stump.



Photo: Infiltration drain and rubble seepage zone.



Photo: Fill with organic matter, soil and mulch.



Photo: Mulch mulch mulch mulch mulch.



Photo: 6 weeks later, banana keikis intercropped with dill around the mulch pit to attract aphid-eating ladybugs.

Recycled rooftiles from Re-Use Hawaii make a lovely border for a kalo (taro) / olena (turmeric) / uala (sweet potato) / comfrey patch placed under the new deck to take advantage of even more runoff (and turn a damp corner of the garden into a beautifully productive edible & medicinal patch).

Jeremy Percich from the Hawaii Nature Center taught a lesson on traditional Hawaiian medicinals as we planted out this area.


Photo: Kalo / olena / uala / comfrey patch, 6 weeks later.

And speaking of medicinal edibles, the potluck lunch was simply EPIC and featured dishes from Sweet Home Waimanalo, Kale’s Natural Foods, and Mana Ai.  Our food, and our fellowship, was medicine for body and soul that day.


Photo: Meeeeeean da grindz!

Continuing with the theme, Hunter Heaivilin gave an epic talk about the contents of his magic bag of seeds while we digested our epic lunches (I wonder how many times we can epically use epic in this epic writeup??).


Photo: E p i c !

Special thanks to Justin Franzmeier of Island Foodscaping for donating design time, materials, equipment, and supervision on the day of the blitz, to the Morgan family for being awesomely gracious hosts, to Joyous Waters for filming the days proceedings to be featured on her Positive Media youTube channel (coming soon), and to our team of Blitzers (you know who you are) who came out to play.

Stay tuned for the next one, coming to a backyard near you soon…


Photo: Hunter grabds the best seat in da house..


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