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PermablitzHI#4 – Morgan residence to be transformed on Dec 3rd




Photo: The wet, shady side of the Morgan residence.

Local architect Paul Morgan has a knack for finding hidden treasures; the Permablitz network is going to help him uncover hidden treasure in his own backyard. 

Paul’s wife Barb Morgan, a local food & sustainability activist has been slowly transforming their old Manoa residence into an urban homestead which catches its own water and grows its own food:


Photo: Looking out from under the lilikoi trellis to raised beds constructed with reclaimed concrete rubble.


Photo: Re-used food-grade barrels catch water, used for irrigation, throughout the landscape.

Rennovations are currently underway to build Paul’s home-office, which will further reduce the miles he racks up on the family’s electric-powered Leaf; the last Permablitz for 2011 will help the Morgan family to complete the transformation of their edible landscape, including a mini lo’i (taro patch), raised beds, integrated chicken tractor and a backyard aquaponic system (featuring a free workshop hosted by Jeremai ‘Dr. Sustainability’ Cann ).

Hunter Heavilin will also be there, fresh from the two-week PDC he just taught on Molokai, as will Justin Franzmeier of Island Foodscaping and Paul Izak of Yogarden, to share knowledge, and get down & dirty right alongside you!

To keep informed of upcoming blitzes (where you can volunteer, learn-by-doing and make new friends along the way), join the Edible Garden Revolution here.



Photo: Stay tuned for more ‘after’ pics!

PermablitzHI is a grassroots movement restoring Hawaii’s food security, one backyard at a time.


2 thoughts on “PermablitzHI#4 – Morgan residence to be transformed on Dec 3rd

  1. would also like to note this is lydi morgan bernal (kokua hawaii foundation’s aina in schools garden coordinator)’s family home! so this will really be a star studded event!

  2. Jaaa….. We love Lydi!! đŸ™‚

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