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PermablitzHI#2: Chef Saeed’s frontyard in Kaimuki, coming soon..

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Photo: Chef Saeed’s front yard is a blank canvas of burnt-out lawn.

You can find our good friend Chef Saeed Samad making onolicious Kale Sliders from Otsuji Farms at the Kailua farmer’s market most Thursday nights.

We have been planning the permablitz at his place for a couple months now; this will be a quick-hit-n-run operation to fit into the family’s busy schedule.  Participating permablitzers will install a simple, functional, and edible landscape – in one afternoon – that the ladies of the house (beautiful wife & two young daughters) can also enjoy.

If Chef Samad were left to his own vices, the entire lawn would probably look like the little corner patch he has already reclaimed as his Victory Garden…


Photo: raised beds planted out with tomatoes, amarant, eggplant, arugula, raddishes, and lots of other goodies.  Lilikoi grows up the carport wall to create a living green wall.

…though when Mrs Samad heard about what we were up to, she wanted to join in the fun… and so our design also includes a (safe & secure) greenspace for the kids to play and adults to hang out with family & friends.

To keep informed of upcoming blitzes (where you can volunteer, learn-by-doing and make new friends along the way), join the Edible Garden Revolution here.


Photo: Stay tuned for more ‘After’ pics.

PermablitzHI is a grassroots movement restoring Hawaii’s food security, one backyard at a time.


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