Permablitz Hi

Hawaii's Edible Revolution

What is Permablitz?

Permablitz HI is a grassroots reciprocal network that hosts permablitzes on Oahu monthly or bi-monthly throughout the year. Anyone can come and volunteer at these permablitzes. Once a person has participated in at least three permablitzes, they become eligible to receive a permablitz at their home. Some volunteers also choose to donate their permablitz to a school or community organization.

Permablitz is a gathering involving a day on which a group of people come together to achieve the following:

  • Create or add to edible gardens and ocean friendly design elements at a home, school, or other community landscape.
  • Learn and share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living.
  • Build community networks.
  • Share a delicious healthy potluck lunch. Our potlucks are zero waste, bring your own plate & utensils please!
  • Meet awesome people and have fun!

Permablitz HI held its first permablitz in 2011. As of March,2016, Permablitz Hawaii has blitzed 33 homes, farms, community gardens, and schools!

The Permablitz story:

Permablitz (noun)“Perma” is short for permaculture, which is a design system for sustainable living and land use.  As a comprehensive design system, permaculture includes much more than organic food gardening. Growing at least some of our food where we live, however, has always been a central emphasis within the broader picture of permaculture.“Blitz”, from the german for lightening, means a focused application of energy. A Permablitz is when energy is focused on installing part of a permaculture system.

Permablitzes began in 2006, when  a collaboration between Permaculture designer ‘Sourdough’ Dan Palmer & friends, and a South American community group in Melbourne, Australia’s, became a revolution of edible garden landscapes quietly appearing in backyards all over the suburbs.  Check out Asha Bee’s article and Katherine Kizilos’ excellent article for The Age newspaper for the full story.  As of 2014, 150+ permablitzes and counting have been held in and around Melbourne and throughout Australia, and have even spread overseas to California, Calgary, Montreal, Istanbul, Uganda, and now Hawaii.

In 2015 Permablitz Hawaii partnered with Surfrider Oahu to merge Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Garden design principles with Permablitz, thus the “Surfblitz” was born.

Hawaii-based Permaculture instructors Hunter Heavilin & Matt Lynch are currently teaching their 9th 72-hour Permaculture Design Course on Oahu as of  January, 2016.

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